Digipak CD Artwork

how the project came together

This project started with my inspiration to record some of Sri Chinmoy’s immortal songs. I began to work with jazz pianist Misha Tsiganov, as well as Premik Russell Tubbs who brought flute and sax into the mix. Later several other musicians from around the world joined. As the project continued to grow, we often recorded from a distance, due to the Covid pandemic. 

During the intense work on creative arrangements for the songs on the album, Misha saw Sri Chinmoy in a dream. Sri Chinmoy listened as Misha played, and then sat next to him and started playing the melody along with Misha’s accompaniment. At one point, Sri Chinmoy stopped him and said,“This is a wrong chord!” This was when Misha was playing a dissonant modern jazz chord progression. Misha very politely said, “No Guru, I will show you that in modern jazz, you can do that.’’ He then showed Guru some techniques of jazz reharmonization. Sri Chinmoy thought for a moment and then smiled and said “OK, that is good!’’ He then put his hands on Misha’s head and blessed him. Misha said he had never experienced a dream that felt more real. 

This album presents Sri Chinmoy’s songs arranged in modern jazz and contemporary classical styles. The arrangements, the vocals and the variety of instruments offer a unique and intriguing 

experience of music fusion and spirituality. 

– Laila Faerman

Recording and Sharing with Fans

"Thank You"

I would first like to thank my father, accomplished vocalist Josif Faerman, for always believing in me and encouraging me to reach my fullest potential. It only takes ONE person to believe in you fully and completely to achieve any dream in this world! An immeasurable thank you to Misha Tsiganov for such unique and beautiful arrangements, for the superb jazz piano, and for putting endless hours into this project! I've learned so much from you! Another immeasurable thank you to Premik Russell Tubbs for incredible collaboration in producing and recording the album and for your genius virtuoso musical performance! It's a true honor to know you! Enormous thanks to all the musicians playing on this album! Shamita and Alap thank you for recording all the way from Europe! Your support and contribution have made this album most special and soulful. I am forever grateful to both of you! Thank you to Donald and Boris for the wonderful daylong recording session! Your playing is unparalleled! Thank you to Samuel Torres, you have added so much flair to our album! A heart-felt thank you to Alex Sipiagin and Hendrik Meurkins. It's truly an honor to have your musical brilliance recorded with us! To Dave Darlington, thank you for the insightful mixing sessions! Immeasurable thanks to Saudamini Siegrist for always supporting me, my art and for help with text editing. A heart-felt thank you to Mahatapa Pallet for the Bengali translations and for our friendship across all time zones. Many thanks to Boris Buriev for your incredible guidance and most valuable work! Thank you to Wolfgang Spitzer for helping with the technical side of the project. Thank you to my dear friend Taisiya Pushkar for being there for me, always, in every aspect of my life. Thank you to Leila Van der Hut for our soulful friendship and for sharing our passion of music together! Thank you to Olga and Varalika for your love and understanding. Thank you to Manifestation Glow and to Parichayaka for the beautiful artwork. And a heart-felt tremendous Gratitude to Guru Sri Chinmoy for eternal aspiration, invaluable teachings and most beautiful and sacred music!