"Laila came out with a very interesting and sophisticated concept, a merging of spiritual Indian culture and modern jazz, creating a new side to contemporary music. Her voice together with incredible arrangements and musicians on the record make this album original and complete."

– Alex Sipiagin, trumpet

"Wonderful aspiration. I do hope that all of these dreams come true and that your efforts come to fruition. This will be so beneficial to increasing Guru’s visibility in the current music world and in music history. May Guru be victorious through your good efforts."

– Ranjana Ghose, President of Sri Chinmoy Centre

"Sri Chinmoys Songs give a huge space of interpretation. These unique interpretations and the courageous harmonization of Misha Tsiganov open doors to listeners and seekers coming from different paths and perspectives. What a wonderful combination of Jazz and the ancient Indian traditional Mantra Songs! Lailas deep expression in her singing, her inspiration and enthusiasm give birth to a new realm of musical meditation."

– Shamita Achenbach-König, cello

"When Laila first approached me about performing on this album, I was of course looking forward to it, but didn’t realize at the time that an entirely new approach to creating a “New Age” or spiritually- oriented album was about to unfold. For me this album represents a unique approach to Sri Chinmoy’s beautiful devotional songs. Misha Tsiganov’s brilliant contemporary harmonizations of these simple melodies create an entirely new direction in spiritual music. Laila’s vocals, as well, truly convey the deep spiritual qualities of these songs by maintaining their original Bengali words which carry a very special vibration. This “jazz meets Bengali devotional music” approach is something completely new! The composer of these beautiful songs, Sri Chinmoy, once said: “Give something new; give the world music that comes directly from your soul.... Not the things that have been known for many, many years, but the things that people have never seen or felt or heard”. This very special album, with so many great musicians taking part, represents the promise of the kind of new direction that Sri Chinmoy wrote about and I am most grateful to have been a part of this most special project. "

– Premik Russell Tubbs, saxaphone / flute

"When Laila asked me to contribute to her album, I did not hesitate for a moment, because the inner and outer quality of her voice I find extraordinary. I think you will hear a lot more from her in the future. The “Zen Duduk” I perform here on the recordings also fits very well with her singing, because the duduk has an intimate sound that is very similar to singing. Charming duets are possible this way."

– Alap Jetzer, duduk